Services we offer

We specialize in providing the below services:


We provide full range of specialized services for almost every make and model of electrical generator/motor. Our highly skilled and experienced team offers variable solutions that are in conformance with required standards/procedures including:

● Design & install service
● Cable management solutions
● Structured wiring systems
● Power factor corrections
● Electrical scheme functional check
● CT & PT testing
● Circuit breaker analyzing (timing, contact resistance)
● Protective relay testing & calibration
● Insulation test and high voltage test
● Sensitivity and stability check
● Rental services - protective relay testing equipment & transformer testing equipment
● Auto synchronizing and auto load sharing of DG sets
● Review and solution for electrical protection schemes
● Troubleshooting and solution of existing electrical network issues


Our team can be counted on to maintain the performance quality, reliability and life of the transformers throughout your electric power system by providing complete transformer service solutions. We provide expert onsite and in-shop services for transformers and switchgears.

● On-site services
● Analysis and reports
● Installation, assembly, testing & commissioning of old and new transformers (up to 250 MVA)
● Relocation, foundation modification, control wiring modification, replacement of electrical & mechanical accessories
● Diagnostic and condition monitoring of transformers
● Condition assessment of HV substation and transformers
● Rental services - protective relay and transformer testing equipment
● Electrical and mechanical measurements
● Chemical analysis of transformer oil
● Oil filtration (offline) and reclamation/regeneration (online) of transformers and shunt reactors
● Cleaning, visual inspection, tightness check for cables and bus bars
● Silicone coating of insulators
● Calibration of WTI, OTI, MOG


Our mechanical engineers are skilled at capitalizing on the opportunities that the latest ways of working present. We provid a full range of mechanical engineering servies such as:

● General fabrication and erection
● Equipment erection and dismantaling
● Structural fabrication and erection
● HVAC & Commissioning


Our training services ensure the skills of your team are relevant and productive; enabling them to manage and maintain your most critical systems. The following are some of the training services we provide:

● Proper control operation and maintenance
● Control adjustment and calibration procedures
● Test procedure for checking the control operation
● Procedure for troubleshooting systems to pinpoint problems
● Problem solving techniques through group discussions

Protection Activities

We have experience in configuration, testing and commissioning of protective relay, electromechanical, static and numerical relays.

Feeder protection
Differential protection
REF protection
Generator protection
Transformer protection
Motor protection
Bus bar protection
Bay control unit protection

Operation & Maintenance

We provide operation and maintenance of electrical system such as switchyard, switchgears, power plants, process plants like cement plant, steel plant, coal handling plant etc.

We provide quality services in operation and maintenance for deputing our engineers and instruments for 24x7 hours to maintain uninterrupted protection of the plant. We also provide maintenance and troubleshooting activities in case of emergency.

Revamping & Retrofitting Activities

We revamp existing systems to give a new and improved form and appearance. We also undertake addition of new technology or features to older systems.

Metering system up graduation with latest high accuracy communicable meters.
Relay retrofitting with latest state of art numerical relay
Control scheme modification with latest PLC and DCS
Medium voltage MOCB with VCB

Annual Maintenance Activities

We do maintenance activities for the following systems:

Relay testing and energy meter calibration
Maintenance testing of transformers and oil filtration
Maintenance testing of generators
Maintenance testing and overhauling of switch yard equipment
Servicing of isolators
Servicing of old electromechanical relays